Driving E-commerce Content With the Power of AI and Machine Learning

What is CrewMachine?

CrewMachine is a software platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help you create and manage e-commerce content. CrewMachine identifies content gaps, fixes them and measures performance analytics. It works for any type of content such as buying guides, product descriptions, category pages and more. CrewMachine is supported by eZdia’s Content Center of Excellence with certified project managers and content experts.

With CrewMachine You Can

Identify Content Gaps

Missing content has a huge impact on your brand’s credibility. It results in sparse web traffic, weak search engine rankings, and low customer trust. CrewMachine’s technology automatically identifies gaps in your existing e-commerce content. Whether you’re missing keywords, product attributes or tags, CrewMachine finds the gaps so you can prioritize your content enrichment.

Fix and Enrich Content

CrewMachine not only identifies content gaps but it enables content enrichment and fixes. Using AI and machine-learning heuristics, CrewMachine automatically suggests baseline content where it’s missing, then lets you (the expert) polish it up. As you do this, CrewMachine learns from your edits to suggest better content next time. This creates huge operational efficiencies for content teams.

Measure and Track Impact

High-quality content gets more effective when you consistently measure its impact and performance. CrewMachine’s performance analytics decode human behavior and actions using machine learning principles. All performance feedback is then sent back to CrewMachine’s heuristic repository to adjust the content parameters and improve the outcome.

How CrewMachine Works

Core Features

AI Content Management

CrewMachine uses its AI capabilities to automatically deliver intelligent content options for various types of e-commerce content. Rely on CrewMachine to quickly and automatically create missing attributes, product descriptions, and keywords.

Workflow Management

Content goes through several complex steps before publishing. CrewMachine lets you configure your workflow for any type of content. It ensures easy workflow automation for greater production efficiency.

Brand Guide Management

Every brand has specific guidelines: do’s and don’ts that must be reflected across all its content. CrewMachine lets you create detailed brand guidelines (the do’s) and negative filters (the don’ts) right in the platform ensuring compliance across all your content.


Content comes in many flavors. From blogs to product-centric content like product descriptions and category pages, there’s a wide spectrum. Manage each content type properly—taking into account its specific attributes and needs—with CrewMachine.

Designed To Fit the Needs of Every Team

e-Commerce Marketing Manager

“I have to juggle multiple large-scale content projects for several clients at the same time. Each client has specific brand guidelines and requires complex approval workflows. My customers are all on different types of platforms. I need a flexible tool that integrates seamlessly.”

e-Commerce SEO

“I have more than five hundred product descriptions to release every day. I’m looking for a platform to help me create and enrich my PDs quickly. I need to publish error-free content to my e-commerce site in a way that drives conversion. I have a large in-house content team and I’m looking for a tool to manage their deliverables.”

e-Commerce Merchandising Manager

“I’m looking for a tool to manage and optimize my e-commerce catalogs. I work with various vendors who frequently help me enrich these catalogs. I need a tool that helps me understand content gaps and provides suggestive intelligence to fill those gaps.”

CrewMachine Drives Customer Success

Pages Analyzed

Product Pages Optimized

Certified Experts Available

Thought Leadership from CrewMachine

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