How CrewMachine Creates High-Quality Content Without Spending Big Bucks

How CrewMachine Creates High-Quality Content Without Spending Big Bucks

Content Automation

Today a piece of content is often the communicating link between a marketer and a consumer. So, your content should be able to capture the attention of potential buyers and make your site stand out among your competitors. High-quality content writing needs patience and consistency and can take a lot of time.

In order to boost your site’s ranking and drive traffic you need to have impressive content. But, like other marketing tactics, content can be effective as well as cost-effective. CrewMachine makes it possible to create content that is affordable for small business without sacrificing the results. Let’s check out how.

Strong Connection with Readers: In order to engage your audience, creating quality content is vital. CrewMachine allows you to provide content that educates the readers about the features and benefits of the items you sell. It also helps you to create quality content that is relevant to the target audience and keeps them engaged.

Promising Introduction and Headlines: A catchy headline and an attention-grabbing introduction never fails to grab the attention of the readers. These elements will help to spread your content over social media and get discovered by others. While writing headlines, CrewMachine suggests attributes and frequently used words that will help you highlight the usefulness of the blog/product and the urgency to read it NOW.

SEO ContentSEO Content: Quality content writing helps to drive traffic to your site. So, the content needs to be SEO friendly. CrewMachine pays attention to SEO metrics to ensure your website gets the maximum visibility. This includes keyword research and optimizing the content so that your site ranks higher on Google. The system alerts you of any broken links and checks the keyword density, tags and Meta content. Also, new features are added regularly to keep up with the Google changes.

Visual Content: People not only love stories but also enjoy looking at pictures, videos and diagrams. These visuals often help customers make a purchasing decision. So, while writing product descriptions, it is recommended to include attractive featured images with the right color and size. CrewMachine can simplify this process for you. Crewmachine has numerous pre-defined templates which suggest place-holders for images, videos and more. This helps the users to create rich product descriptions, blogs and other valuable content.

Short and Precise Composition: It is always quality and quantity that wins over the length of the content. While writing a product description, it is important to give all the information in a clear, concise way. The information should be correct and the font size should be easily readable. CrewMachine includes special algorithms that help you remove spammy and irrelevant content so that you can create a brief, to-the-point description. This tool also comes with word count and character count features that automatically check the length of the article.

Cost-effective Content: We can create automated content which will not only save money but will also free up your time for other important work. Also, the tool enable writes to checkout items for writing, which is later submitted for the next role to finalize. CrewMachine features like negative filters, creative briefs and keyword counters continually brings the writer back on track through proper warning and error messages.

Make Regular Updates: Simply writing and publishing is not enough to bring visitors to your site. Creating quality content also includes timely updates. When content becomes outdated, there are fewer readers and search engine rankings drop. It is wise as well as economical to update the original content rather than write something new. CrewMachine has easy-to-use features that enable you to update the posts regularly with all the necessary information.

These are the few ways CrewMachine can reduce the costs of your content creation. CrewMachine is a dynamic platform that combines both machine and human assistance to ensure that you have the best content everytime you publish.

eCommerce Content Automation is the ‘It’ Thing, and It’s Time You Know Why!

eCommerce Content Automation is the ‘It’ Thing, and It’s Time You Know Why!

Content Automation

From inventory management and price control to image processing and product listing, most facets of an eCommerce business involve some automation. And why not, automation speeds up processes, scales your business, increases consistency and lowers costs. If you skip this important part, it’s very likely that you’ll lose visitors and sales a competitor (who is fiercely using automation).

But what happened to the automation of product descriptions? Why is there not a push for creative content that is easy to churn, requires less engagement and is, in turn, is inexpensive?

Supposed Risks/Fears of Product Description Automation:

Tough Implementation

The idea of creating automation is good but doing it often requires hard work, research and a sound knowledge of algorithms. This means time, money and human resource involvement, none of which are easy things to come by.


There is a fear that automated content will be repetitive, boring and predictable. It’s a machine after all, and so will need human involvement to keep up with the changes in the tone and views of the product or the company. This makes the whole idea of automation more or less half-baked.


Many worry that automation can make the art of content development robotic and impersonal. Such automation can undermine the brand relationship that can be achieved only through human contact.

The Pros of Content Description Automation:

High Productivity

You remain competitive, as busy work like churning out hundreds of product descriptions becomes a cakewalk. You get what you want, at the time you want it. This leads to increased productivity.

Individual Writing can be Expensive

Keyword research, writing, editing and project management overheads all require a monetary investment. Also, there are many situations where you might not need completely unique copies if you are just writing about different variants of the same product. Automation cuts through these layers and offers significant cost savings as it’s machine generated and eliminates the need to hire writers.

Consistency in Quality

Let’s face it no two writers can write the same. Also, it’s a tad difficult to make different writers follow the same tone and brand voice for consistency. This requires mentoring and overseeing. Automation removes human error at all levels as it can be standardized to your needs.

No Dependency

You can time your uploads without worrying that they won’t be ready. There is no human dependency, which makes the process straight forward and fast.

CrewMachine – A Fool-Proof Solution for Content Creation

Crewmachine Content Creation Platform

CrewMachine creates system generated product descriptions for several content projects in a matter of seconds

In the digital age, content is an asset that may need to be automated as it helps to standardize engaging and relevant content without taking much time.

With eZdia’s content creation platform, CrewMachine, building content for both brands and internet retailers is as easy as making a few clicks.

The Platform Works on Sound Algorithms

The platform (through algorithms based on analytics) creates system generated product descriptions for several content projects in a matter of seconds. These come complete with keywords and attribute data.

Continually Updated Algorithms

The algorithm (named GURU) is updated constantly based on the latest market trends and collective intelligence of hundreds of CrewMachine users who are selling in similar domains. It is, because of this, that the product descriptions created are error-free and can be produced in bulk.

Follows Latest Guidelines

The platform uses the latest guidelines from marketplaces like eBay and Amazon to SEO-friendly product descriptions that aim at conversion also. Basically, you can manage, source, or build content across various channels like marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, and more through CrewMachine.

One Place for All

It will become a place for all your writers, publishers, editors and project managers to work in unison to generate suitable content. This reduces the cost of content creation and helps produce good quality content at the speed of light.

Identifies and Fixes Gaps in Product Catalogs

With its rich knowledge drawn from umpteen sellers working and using the platform, CrewMachine can suggest missing attributes. This is particularly useful when there are hundreds of products, and the chances of missing attributes are high. Through CrewMachine’s various content enrichment workflows a seller can update and fill these gaps.

API Integration for One-Click Publishing

Once the content is ready and uploaded on CrewMachine, the seller can use the easy integration tools to publish the product descriptions anywhere on their site in one easy click.

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

Business & Entrepreneurship

An eCommerce business must have a good customer base and an influx of new customers to remain successful. Because of this, it is important to turn as many one-time shoppers into frequent buyers as possible. To do this, you must ensure you maintain a good relationship with every customer. Remember, a happy customer is more inclined to come back and make more purchases. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your clients coming back for more. Below we’ve listed some of the most effective.

1. Say “Thank You” – It Makes a Difference

The best and the simplest way to make your customer happy is to be courteous to them. A simple “thank you” does make a difference. A customer who is recognized and feels appreciated is likely to come back himself or refer you to his friends.

You can leave a more positive impression by going beyond just a “thanks.” A customer will feel more valued if you personalize it with a thank you card in the package, or if you send a coupon showing your gratitude for the business.

2. Prompt Response to Inquiries

Ways to Retain CustomersLet’s admit it; no one likes to wait. It is going to be a turn off it a customer has to wait days to have his questions answered. Chances are, he will just move on to some other store offering the same product along with a faster response time.

A prompt auto responder from the FAQ section that can answer general questions is a good idea; while you can personally handle more specific ones. Be it a big or a small business – consider employing customer-care representatives who know about your products and can promptly assist customers through calls, emails and messages from day one.

3. Know When to Apologize

Business is all about ups and downs. Keep your ego at bay and make a proactive move to apologize when the situation calls for it. It’s quite an art and takes a strong mind to be accountable for not only your mistakes but for employees, as well. In many cases, a simple apology will entice customers to give you another chance and stop them going to your competitors. That’s when you realize how important owning up to your mistakes and apologizing for them is. However, don’t expect to please everyone. There are some people out there who can never be satisfied, whatever you do. Just ensure you are genuine and sincere, and you’ll be able to turn many unhappy customers into happy ones.

4. Plan Personalized Services

Don’t wait for a query or a review from customers to initiate a communication with them. Plan for personalized service strategies, which can strengthen your relationships and build trust. A random service feedback call goes a long way in creating a good impression. It is important to let the customer know that you care about him. This builds a sense of loyalty from the customer’s end as well. And, you can always expect a loyal customer to come back to you over and over again.

How Crewmachine has Reduced the Content Cost of a Mid-size Retailer to Half

How Crewmachine has Reduced the Content Cost of a Mid-size Retailer to Half

Business & Entrepreneurship

With the popularity of eCommerce increasing, there has been a major growth in content marketing tools available to website owners and merchants. Many of these tools offer different services and are used for a variety of purposes. Some help to create content, some help to distribute it, while others measure its effectiveness. Producing content is important, but to make your brand visible and competitive, quality is essential. Content does not simply mean putting words on a page. It’s a way to communicate with visitors and turn them into potential buyers. People love communication, and it helps to develop brand trust and loyalty.

CrewMachine features a wide variety of tools, designed to help mid-sized retailers create high-quality content. These vendors typically have a tight budget and often focus on other ways to generate sales. They do not invest in quality content which can mean less traffic to their sites and lower sales. It’s important to attract customers with high-quality, original content that answers most of their queries about a product or service. Find out how CrewMachine and its content cost reduction strategies can be the one-stop-solution for mid-size retailers.

1) Effective Content Workflow Tool

CrewMachine has an organized workflow, sometimes pulling from in-house or outsourcing the work and sometimes using a combination of both. It includes auto checkout of the various assignments, a spellcheck feature on the tool itself and automatic payments. It will also soon feature a plagiarism checker to ensure that all content is unique. Also, reassignments and returns can be worked on smoothly on this platform. Such technology enables quality work in less time and at a lower cost.

2) Save Time and Money in Keyword Research

To boost your search engine ranking, proper keywords play a major role. CrewMachine makes this easier for you with system generated primary, secondary and tertiary keywords. Our SEO professionals ensure that the keywords we include are those that customers use when they are searching for an item. This means you get the keywords results faster and can quickly put those results to work.

3) Creating Intelligent Content

System Suggested Baseline DescriptionsManaging content over various platforms can be a challenge for many retailers. CrewMachine and its content cost reduction strategies can be the ultimate way to simplify this process. One of the features is system suggested baseline descriptions. They are rich in attributes as well as commonly searched keywords. They are also regularly updated according to the latest market trends, which lets you manage, plan and tweak them as needed.


4) Templates for Rich Product Descriptions

A product description is only good when it works. Product description templates make the content creation process simple and fast and help to maximize sales. The selection of formats makes it easy for you to use the product descriptions in the most efficient way to attract potential buyers. No need to pay designers (or other tools like Auctiva). CrewMachine helps you to design rich eBay templates and also Amazon A+ pages. It will not only help you save some money but will also save you time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

5) The Freelance Crowd

We have a team of talented and experienced professionals that are suitable for many marketing projects. For those retailers who don’t have a team of writers, CrewMachine connects you with a crew of professional writers, editors, designers and SEO enthusiasts. When you need help outside your team, outsourcing is possible for images, blogs, product descriptions and SEO researches etc. They know how to optimize the content, how to write for a target audience and are interested in learning what you need. This content cost reduction strategy will prove to be an asset for mid-size retailers. So, you do not have to spend money on full-time experts. Just outsource the work, and we will take care of the rest.

6) Direct Publishing of Content on Multiple Channels

Publishing of Content on Multiple ChannelsCrewMachine produces content which is flexible enough to be published on different mobile and digital platforms. Our database can be used to update information on various platforms automatically. It also has the flexibility to add different fields unique to each platform. Not only does this reduce costs, but it also saves time. It is also very effective as it removes the risk of content not being updated.

Whether you are writing a blog or creating product page, the process can be complicated and tedious, especially when you are working with numerous writers. CrewMachine addresses these issues with a systematic workflow. It is designed to support the content development process from start to finish with the latest content marketing strategies and a team of experts. With better content management tools, comes better content.

Digital Marketing Tactics to Drive your 2016 Holiday Strategy

Digital Marketing Tactics to Drive your 2016 Holiday Strategy


The holiday shopping season is almost upon us, and there’s sure to be a lot of competition in the e-commerce industry. During the past few years, the increase in mobile shoppers has resulted in a boost in eCommerce activity, especially during the festive months. By now, many retailers have realized that simply adding a few holiday keywords isn’t enough to attract customers and generate more sales. To cope with customer’s demands and beat the competition, it’s important to do some strategic planning.

1. Study Customer’s Behavior

One of the most important tactics is to analyze and understand customer behavior. Once you have a good idea about how they feel, think and make purchasing decisions you’ll be able to more accurately predict what products they’ll buy, influence their decisions and create a more accurate marketing plan.

2. Reach out to Everyone

It’s important never to assume that your target audience belongs to a particular demographic. For example, while you may know that a product you sell is aimed at college students, you don’t know whether it’s the students themselves, parents, grandparents or someone else making the purchase. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare for and reach out to as many potential customers as possible.


3. Assess and Manage Time

Are you aware of the amount of time between when an item is advertised online and when people begin to make purchases? This often acts as a catalyst to influence consumers in making their purchasing decisions.

4. Plan and Retarget Campaigns

While search ads are effective, retargeting campaigns can significantly increase the amount of customers that visit your website. Send out banner advertisements to your existing users and those who have recently visited your site. You can typically expect more conversion rates from people familiar with your site than from those who have never seen it before.

5. Plan for Personalization

Customer ExperienceSurveys have proven that 78 percent of consumers buy more products when they receive targeted and personalized offers. Also, more than 70 percent expect some level of personalization from the brands they regularly shop with.

Creating customized experiences for customers helps retailers to increase online conversion rates. When creating personalized advertisements think about presenting the headline, message, image and call-to-action, etc. in a creative, interactive and convincing way. This can only be achieved by considering your specific audiences personalities and preferences.

6. Create Noise Through Social Media

Your fun through social media should never stop. Indulge in as much activity as possible through various platforms to promote updates about your business. Holiday shopping trends constantly change, so as a retailer, it’s important to create relevant posts and updates. Be as versatile as possible to get the most out of every holiday campaign and watch your business flourish.

7. Utilize Promotional Opportunities

The holiday season is one of the only times of the year when customers don’t mind being bombarded with advertisements and campaigns. This means that they are a very good time for some major promotions. So, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Consider flash ads, custom themes, homepage graphics, banner ads, lucky shoppers, early sales promotions and more. – the possibilities are limitless,

8. Virtual Reality

With virtual reality emerging in a big way, it’s fairly obvious that it will affect digital marketing too. While personalization is already a major factor, it’s a good idea of getting in the habit of promoting your products in a way that relates to real life. Billions of dollars have already been spent researching how this concept will change eCommerce. It will be quite interesting to see how this new technology unfolds.

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