E-Commerce Content Creation Made Simple

E-Commerce Content Creation Made Simple


E-commerce platforms need content to function. Content attracts customers, guides them, and persuades them to make a purchase.

We built CrewMachine after years of experience providing all kinds of content to e-commerce companies. This means we’re familiar with the specific needs of this still-young industry, and we’ve designed CrewMachine to accommodate those needs.

From product descriptions and landing page content to buying guides, our platform is specifically set up to help you create the content you need to engage your target audience and increase your conversions.

Contact us to learn more about how CrewMachine supports e-commerce, and read on for a closer look at some of the kinds of e-commerce content our platform is built for.

Product Description Copy

This is content that informs the prospective customer about the product and convinces them to make a purchase. This content should be readable, informative and optimized for search, using enough keywords to have SEO value but not so many that it reads like it’s “stuffed” with keywords. Product copy must highlight the attributes and major selling points of the product to be effective.

CrewMachine makes it easy to stage product copy-focused projects, enabling you to conduct keyword research, compile product attributes, and create and edit properly formatted content — all from one platform.

Landing Page Copy

For e-commerce sites, landing pages are crucial. They welcome consumers to the site and guide them in their search for products. Landing page copy has immense potential SEO value. If the copy is high-quality and engaging, consumers are more likely to click around more on your site. And if it incorporates keywords appropriately, it will funnel potential customers to your conversion pages. Plan, stage and implement landing page copy-based projects easily on CrewMachine.

Buying Guides

These are guides to a product or a category of products telling a customer which qualities to look for in a product and guiding them through the process of finding what they need. They’re like the online equivalent of a helpful, knowledgeable in-store sales rep, though they shouldn’t put too much pressure on the customer to buy.

Buying guides have great SEO value — consumers commonly turn to Google searches for information and guidance, and your e-commerce can provide it to them, establishing your site as a trustworthy source. CrewMachine is already configured to support the creation and publication of buying guides.

How CrewMachine Simplifies Workforce Management

How CrewMachine Simplifies Workforce Management

Project Management

Your software may be powerful and your content marketing plan airtight, but in order to implement your content initiatives, you’ll still have to work with people. Fortunately, we created CrewMachine to simplify project management and people management.

Whether the workforce that executes your content initiatives is composed of a few internal copywriters, several external vendors or a large number of freelancers, CrewMachine makes it easy to coordinate and manage them thanks to a variety of features that make large-scale project management possible.


CrewMachine’s rating system enables you to accurately assess how each member of your workforce is performing — no matter how large your workforce is.

As a piece of content passes through a workflow, each user rates the job done by the previous user in the workflow. For example, editors can rate writers on each assignment the writers do, and project managers can rate editors. These ratings are tracked, compiled and presented in an easy-to-read format on the CrewMachine Dashboard (read more about workforce management via the Dashboard below).

Search Tags

Ratings aren’t the only way to track your workforce in CrewMachine. You can assign custom search tags to the profile of each user in the system. This makes it easy to assign work to certain writers, or to find the editors you need to get a project going. Via search tags, you can also record which members of your workforce excel at which kinds of projects, helping you get the right people lined up at the start of any project.

Work History

With one click from a user’s profile, see every assignment they’ve ever worked on, the approval status of each assignment, and their average rating on each project. This enables you to quickly assess your workforce on an individual level.

user stats


Track ratings of each user in the system with comprehensive charts and data summaries on the CrewMachine Dashboard. Here, you can see every user’s average rating, and how much time they’re spending on their assignments.

Additionally, for each project you can see where each piece of content is in the workflow. You can assess which aspects of a project are going well, and where the pain points are for your project, at a glance.


Automatic Emails

Communicating with your workforce is essential, but sometimes the amount of communication that’s required for a large-scale project can become overwhelming. CrewMachine is designed to take some of that off your plate.

Our platform is set up so that certain actions trigger automatic emails to the appropriate users. For example, if an editor sends an assignment back to the writer for revision, the platform sends an automatic email to the writer alerting them of this. This takes some of the manual effort out of project management.

Easy, dynamic workforce management is just part of what CrewMachine offers to make content creation simple. Contact us to learn more, and be sure to keep up with our blog!

How CrewMachine Helps You Maintain Your Brand Integrity

How CrewMachine Helps You Maintain Your Brand Integrity

Business & Entrepreneurship

In the digital age, brand integrity is more essential than ever. It’s crucial that everything your company puts out on the Internet conforms to your company’s voice and is up to your standards.

We were well aware of the challenges faced by digital content marketers when we began building our platform, which is why we built it to address those challenges. CrewMachine is designed to make it easy to enforce brand guidelines across all kinds and all sizes of content projects. With its dynamic creative briefs feature and additional features, CrewMachine offers functionality rarely seen in the digital marketing space.

We want you to stop worrying about brand integrity and start focusing on producing content. Here’s how our platform helps you do that.

Creative Briefs

Any worthwhile content marketing platform will have a way to create, store and distribute creative briefs. CrewMachine provides that, but also makes it easy to update your briefs, have unique ones for each project, and synchronize them across assignments and projects.

Additionally, CrewMachine’s creative brief interface is a powerful one. With tabs, you can set up multiple pages in the creative briefs field. Whether you want to break down your brand guidelines into smaller sections or break out the instructions into different components, this makes it easy to have all the information pertaining to a content project in one place.

Best of all, it’s easy for your content creators to access the creative briefs field — all they have to do is scroll slightly up. They won’t have to click around to find the information they need.

Negative filters

Every company has a certain way they’d like to talk about their products, their services, and themselves. Brand guidelines are all well and good, but how do you know they’re being followed? CrewMachine’s negative filters feature allows you to maintain the integrity of your brand’s voice at a granular level.

More than just checking for explicit and inappropriate language, our negative filters are customizable. Ban any number of specific words or phrases that you feel are harmful to your brand’s image, and those words won’t be able to make it through the system. Learn more about our negative filters feature here.


You want your brand’s content to conform to a certain standard and follow a certain format. CrewMachine’s templates feature makes it easy to implement that. Use the templates that we’ve added to the platform — or, create customized templates to meet your current project’s specific needs. This way, it’s easy to guide your workforce as they create content so that you get exactly the content you need.

CrewMachine is designed to help you strengthen and maintain your brand, but that’s not the only way we’re changing the content marketing game. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this groundbreaking platform, and don’t forget to check our blog for news and information!

Filter Your Content: CrewMachine’s Negative Filters

Filter Your Content: CrewMachine’s Negative Filters

Content Automation

With the amount of content necessary for building an adequate content marketing campaign or SEO outreach, how do you maintain your brand integrity? This was one of the problems we set out to solve in building CrewMachine, and our negative filters are one part of that solution. Our negative filters enable content managers to automatically block any language they deem harmful to their brand.

How Do They Work?

Basically, any content that contains a blocked word or phrase cannot be submitted to the next level of the workflow. Upon clicking “Submit,” the user will see a pop-up window alerting them to the presence of the banned text, and they will be unable to take any action until they remove it.

negative filters

You can add further instructions to the pop-up window to explain why the specific word or phrase is banned and what action should be taken by the user.

What Are They For?

For whatever you want! You can unilaterally ban any number of words and phrases from all the copy your workforce produces.

This way, you can avoid language that damages your brand or alienates your target audience. If your target audience is teens and young adults, for example, you probably want to avoid words like “vintage,” “classic,” and “old-school” in your product copy (and it wouldn’t hurt to avoid “groovy” and “swell” either). Block those words with the negative filters, and you won’t see them in any of the copy you produce.

You can also partially enforce your brand’s unique style guidelines automatically. As an example, AP style is to write “Wi-Fi,” not “wifi,” “wi-fi,” or “WIFI.” However, this stipulation is not enforced by most spellcheck programs. If your brand uses AP style and you want to make sure this spelling is used in the copy, you’re able to add all the incorrect spellings of “Wi-Fi” to the list of banned words, and add instructions to correct it to “Wi-Fi” if the incorrect spelling is used.

In addition, CrewMachine’s negative filters are already set up to block any inappropriate or explicit language, though you can always add to the list!

How Does This Benefit Me?

Put simply, negative filters enable you to define and shape your brand as broadly or as narrowly as you want — and the parameters you set up will be enforced by the software itself.

CrewMachine’s negative filters feature is just one of many that set it apart from the other content marketing platforms out there. Contact us or request a demo to see the negative filters in action!

CrewMachine’s Custom Workflows

CrewMachine’s Custom Workflows

Content Automation

When it comes to content creation and content marketing, flexibility is key. That’s why we built CrewMachine to accommodate all kinds of projects and all kinds of processes.

CrewMachine's workflows

Unique Workflow

Naturally, different projects have different development requirements. A short blog post may need to pass through more stages of approval than a product description. An in-depth article, in turn, will require more research than a short blog post.

CrewMachine enables you to set up these workflows — and any other workflows of any complexity — quickly and easily. Decide in what order you want your content to be researched, written, edited, reviewed and optimized for search. Set up and establish that order with a few clicks. Simplify or lengthen the content creation process as you see fit by adding roles to the workflow whenever you want.

Additionally, CrewMachine enables you to be flexible in your approach. You can set workflows at the level of each individual assignment, or update the workflow in bulk for projects as a whole.

Due Dates

CrewMachine does more than merely enabling customized workflows. To keep your projects on schedule and on track, we’ve made it easy to set up due dates for each stage of the workflow.

Plan your projects in advance with due dates for each section of your workforce, whether you’re working with an internal team or external vendors. This way, you’re never behind, and you’re prepared to produce a steady stream of content — a necessity for effective content marketing. You can also be sure projects progress smoothly and on time through each stage of the process.

Workflow management is just one of the many ways CrewMachine is changing and streamlining the content creation process. To learn more, contact us, request a demo or take a look at our blog.

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