How to Win the Amazon Buy Box

How to Win the Amazon Buy Box


Amazon is a leading marketplace for e-commerce sellers and one that businesses can’t afford to ignore. Once you’re listing on Amazon, the Holy Grail of sales is known as the Amazon Buy Box.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Buy Box is a small box link on the right-hand side of a product listing that leads the buyer to purchase from a particular listing. Since many identical goods on Amazon are offered by multiple sellers, only one Buy Box is awarded for each product. As you can imagine, it’s a huge competitive advantage to have the Buy Box beside your listing. So how does Amazon determine who gets the prize?

Buy Box Eligibility

Amazon Buy BoxAmazon uses a complex algorithm to determine who wins the Buy Box, but there are specific goals you can meet in order to increase your chances. Firstly, you need to be considered a Featured Merchant, which requires three months of selling with a good record.

Other criteria include:

  • Performance metrics of the product
  • Order Defect Rate (this is based on feedback, chargebacks and claims). If the ODR reaches one percent, you lose your eligibility.
  • Customer service quality (determined by product price, and shipping and fulfillment options)
  • Length of time as a seller on Amazon

Five Ways to Win the Amazon Buy Box

Competitive Pricing1) Competitive Pricing

Amazon understands that customers demand competitive pricing. Stay on top of your competitors’ pricing. You don’t necessarily need to have the lowest price for a given product, but your price should be considered reasonable. Make sure you include shipping in your calculations and look to the current Buy Box holder for a pricing guideline.

2) Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

This Amazon service requires you to ship your products to Amazon, where they control fulfillment issues such as storing, selecting and sending inventory as orders come through. FBA products add value for the customer, as they’re eligible for one-day and free delivery options. This leads to better reviews and an increased likelihood of winning the Buy Box. Typically, Amazon awards the Buy Box to FBA sellers more frequently.

Plan Your Inventory3) Plan Your Inventory

A cardinal rule for those who sell on Amazon is to keep your inventory up to date and well stocked. Running out of stock reduces your chances of winning the Buy Box because it increases your ODR (Order Defect Rate) through order cancellations and poor reviews. Use inventory tracking software to keep your numbers up to date and lower the risk of overselling.


4) Speedy Shipping

Efficient shipping plays a significant role in winning the Buy Box, but make sure that you don’t favor speed over customer satisfaction. This problem is generally solved by using the FBA service.

5) Seller Feedback and Quick Response

Your customer ratings directly affect your Buy Box chances, so remember that the customer is always right. Both product and seller feedback are considered in the Amazon Buy Box algorithm. Aim for a 98 percent rating or higher. It is also essential to respond quickly to customer inquiries and to work with customers to improve their satisfaction when things occasionally go wrong.

Take advantage of the CrewMachine platform and our content experts at eZdia to grow your e-commerce business through smart content and effective strategy. We understand e-commerce challenges such as how to win the Amazon Buy Box and can give your business the competitive edge it needs to thrive.

12 Ways CrewMachine Makes Online Sellers’ Lives Easier

12 Ways CrewMachine Makes Online Sellers’ Lives Easier


CrewMachine is a content creation platform for brands and internet retailers to efficiently create, source, manage and syndicate their content on multiple channels. CrewMachine combines the best of CREW (human intelligence) and MACHINE (machine intelligence) to create scalable quality content for e-commerce. World top e-commerce companies and various other mid-size internet retailers use CrewMachine for cataloging and content creation.

Here are 12 ways that CrewMachine impacts the lives of hundreds of online sellers and makes them more efficient.

1) Single Place for all Product Information and Content

Images Attributes and Descriptions on CrewmachineSellers have different product-related content scattered over different platforms. Photographers provide images in Google Drive or Dropbox. Writers provide content in Word files or Excel sheets, while pricing and inventory-related information is stored elsewhere. Combining the scattered data is a headache. CrewMachine offers a platform that binds the catalog together. Our cloud storage protects the data that may otherwise get misplaced due to human error or a technical glitch.

2) Easy import From Various Formats

Importing content from various formatRetailers list their product catalog in different marketplaces. When catalogs are exported from different marketplaces, they come in all kind of files and formats. Sometimes these are large and complex excel files with macros enabled. CrewMachine allows you to import a variety of files from various sources (including your own e-commerce store) to one common platform. It then automatically maps your import file attributes to the available fields.



3) E-commerce Category Specific Custom Solutions

Each e-commerce category is unique. For example, the attributes required for a women’s dress differ from those for men’s formal shoes. With hundreds of different e-commerce categories, the list of product attributes is huge. CrewMachine provides category-specific custom solutions to sellers so they can focus on the attributes related to their target categories.


Crewmachine offers custom solutions for different E-commerce categories

CrewMachine offers custom solutions for different e-commerce categories. These solutions also help sellers understand the difference between “must-have” and “good-to-have” product attributes for individual e-commerce categories. As marketplace standards change, CrewMachine solutions are updated.


4) Gap Analysis of Your Product Catalog

Gap Analysis in E-commerce Product Catalog

Crewmachine helps sellers to find gaps in their product catalog and fill them with useful data.

When you’re dealing with thousands of products, the gaps may not be readily apparent. For sellers, it’s difficult to spot errors like missing mandatory attributes, missing images or images with backgrounds, spelling mistakes, unit-of-measurement errors, non-optimized product descriptions, uneven keyword density and more. CrewMachine makes the sellers’ life easier by quickly identifying these gaps and offering automatic suggestions to fill them.


5) Bulk Update on Missing Product Attributes

Bulk update on missing product attributesEvery category has attributes with common values for the entire catalog, or at least for a large set of products. For example, “sleeve style” in the case of women’s dresses or “number of seats” in the case of a baby stroller. Most marketplaces do not allow sellers to bulk update the attributes of their products. Even if they do allow this, the update can take weeks.

With CrewMachine, you can update the selected common attributes of hundreds of products in a matter of clicks.


6) High Quality (Machine Generated) Product Descriptions In Single Click

It can be difficult to create high-quality, unique product descriptions for multiple variants of the same product, especially if you’re working with writers who may not be equally knowledgable in all e-commerce categories. Many sellers simply copy the manufacturer’s descriptions, which are not buyer friendly or search engine optimized. Reusing the manufacturer’s descriptions is also likely to penalize your search rankings, since the content is not unique.

Crewmachine offers online sellers the power to build system-suggested baseline product descriptions that are rich in attribute data and keywords. This makes product description writing easy and cost-efficient for sellers. Our product descriptions follow all marketplace guidelines and the algorithm (called ‘GURU’) that results in these descriptions is constantly updated based on marketplace trends and information from hundreds of retailers. Sellers can tweak these descriptions and make any necessary changes in their guidelines to give a personal touch to the copy. This helps the machine learn from experience.

7) Suggestions for Blogs and Buying Guides for more sales

Why depend on marketplaces alone to drive your product sales? CrewMachine helps build regular blogs and buying guides that drive organic traffic and promote their brand and new product awareness. By analyzing your product catalog, CrewMachine suggests exciting and trending blog topics and buying guide titles. For example, if you have imported a catalog of young mens’ T-shirts, CrewMachine may suggest a blog about “What to Wear to Your Next Tinder Date” or a buying guide titled “What to Look for When Buying a Summer T-shirt”.

8) SEO Analysis Through Keyword Rank Checker Tools

Crewmachine helps Retailers to Understand the value of SEO and Content

Whatever good content you publish, it won’t matter unless someone is reading it. Retailers struggle to get more traffic to product pages, blogs and website, competing on search engines for a handful of keywords in any given category. CrewMachine helps sellers keep a track of their keyword rankings. CrewMachine clients can check their product page rankings on eBay, Amazon and Google for most vital keywords in a specific category. Keyword ranking is a key indicator of performance.

9) Better Customer Experience Through Rich eBay Templates

CrewMachine lets sellers create customized eBay templates in a matter of clicks for better conversion rates. Browse through the large number of free templates on the platform. These templates provide additional space on the eBay page where sellers can speak about their brand and other products as well. eBay templates engage the visitor, bring buyers closer to your brand and leave a good impression. Many sellers use their templates to elaborate on shipping and return policies as well. CrewMachine allows you to link your eBay stores to these templates.

eBay Templates and Amazon A+ Pages on Crewmachine

10) Amazon A+ Page Modules

For sellers on Amazon, CrewMachine helps build A+ pages through different modules. This results in a better buyer experience and more conversions. Sellers can build custom A+ pages on CrewMachine and copy the HTML to build future Amazon A+ pages.

11) Mobile Optimized Content

Mobile contributes to more than 50 percent of traffic both on Amazon and eBay. All the features of CrewMachine keep mobile optimization in mind. Retailers sitting in their stores or warehouses can easily click pictures of their products and upload them on CrewMachine for catalog completion. The templates and content generated on CrewMachine are optimized for standard smartphones.

12) Create Content on Crewmachine, Publish Anywhere

Updated content with all attributes and images can be downloaded in marketplace-ready formats or published straight from CrewMachine. Publish instantly on a standard CMS like WordPress, Adobe AEM or Magento. CrewMachine also supports API Integrations with other e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce and Weebly. Hundreds of sellers worldwide use the CrewMachine Content Creation Platform to build new catalogs or update existing catalogs with valuable product information and engaging content.

Listing on Amazon? Here’s What You Should Know

Listing on Amazon? Here’s What You Should Know


Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and an exciting place to expand your business. With its user-friendly interface and step-by-step guide, Amazon makes it easy to list products as a third party. Despite the simplicity of the listing process, it helps to understand how to list on Amazon to get the maximum possible leverage from your listings. CrewMachine has plenty of experience working with Amazon listings on behalf of large and small-scale e-commerce firms. Here are a few of our helpful tips to build a strong foundation that will promote your brand on Amazon.

Become a Professional Seller

Amazon has different classes of sellers that they distinguish by ‘selling plan’: The Professional seller and Individual seller. If you’re planning to list very few products, the Individual plan will meet your needs. If you’ve got over 40 items to sell, however, we recommend that you opt for Professional seller. In addition to avoiding a 15 percent commission charge for each product sold, Professional sellers can register a brand, access exclusive features and create a listing of products.

Buy Box: The Secret Formula

Amazon Buy BoxBuy Box is a reward given to vendors by Amazon. The Buy Box icon appears on your amazon product listing page, boosting its power and increasing sales. Vendors who sell at the lowest prices (including shipping), sell unique items, foster strong traffic to their listings and enjoy a high feedback score are eligible for Buy Box. This is a sought-after program that rewards vendors for stronger listings. The competition to become a high-rated Buy Box seller is fierce.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

This program takes away the hassle of customer service and shipping. For a higher fee, your items are sold to Amazon. In return:

  • Amazon takes care of customer service, packing, shipping, returns and refunds
  • You have a high chance to win Buy Box because of their quicker delivery and fulfillment services
  • You get access to Amazon’s prime and super saving shipping customers

Product Description and Images

The importance of accurate and strategic product descriptions can’t be overstated. Incorrect information leads to negative feedback and returns, lowering your ranking. Amazon allows up to 2000 characters in the product description. This allows you to highlight the product’s top features, share brand information and finish off with a strong call to action. Don’t forget to supply an attractive image of at least 1006 pixels wide (to allow for image zoom) to attract potential customers.

Mastering the Amazon Keyword Tool

Amazon Keyword ToolKeywords are fundamental to optimizing your Amazon listings. The product title, for example, must contain a keyword which will be used to rank the listing. It’s smart to use as many keywords as possible within Amazon’s 500-character limit for the product name. Amazon suggests including a description, the brand, product line, material, color, size and quantity. Amazon’s keyword tool will help you identify long-tail keywords that score between one and ten. As well, a separate keyword field gives you a second opportunity to insert up to five keyword phrases.

Discounts and Pricing

Discounts are an excellent way to convert potential buyers and build a strong relationship. Providing product discounts in exchange for a review improves your Amazon ranking and increases sales. In turn, your offer may be featured on the “Hot Deals” or “New and Noteworthy” pages, driving further traffic to your products. Once they land on one of your Amazon product listings, customers will see any related products you offer, opening more opportunities for sales conversions. Amazon provides an amazing platform with which to expand your business, as long as you know how to use it to your advantage. Once you’ve created your account, make an Amazon-based social network profile and start listing and selling. The CrewMachine team and platform are ideal complements to an Amazon listing venture. We understand Amazon listing optimization. With our combination of a streamlined platform and a talented team to back you, you’ll get your best start in the Amazon marketplace.

Five Tips for Writing Effective Amazon Product Descriptions

Five Tips for Writing Effective Amazon Product Descriptions


Amazon is the world’s most competitive e-commerce chain. Any product description writing you submit needs to be concise, appealing and informative. These features will make your e-commerce content writing stand out in a sea of content. Here are some specific pointers for developing high-value content that leads to conversions.

Reach Out to Audience1) Reach Out to The Audience

Start your e-commerce product description with succinct information about the product and all its features. The buyer should be able to visualize using the product with your description alone. The 2000-character field should start with the features and benefits of the product and segway into information about your company: it’s inspiration and background. This personal touch helps customers identify with your company and its brand message. Be sure you research the intended audience and use an appropriate on-brand tone in all your e-commerce content writing.

2) Use Bullet Points

This is the simplest and most powerful way to communicate features in your product description writing. Introduce your bullet list with a short paragraph, then keep one feature per bullet. This easy-to-scan format helps the buyer with a purchasing decision and increases your SEO rankings with unique, relevant content.

Search Engine Optimization3) Craft Enticing Titles Using Your Keywords

This approach kills two birds with one stone, drawing in readers and boosting the SEO value of your content. Keywords in titles help search engines categorize your content, which in turn helps deliver high-value traffic to your site. Use the Google keyword tool to optimize your keywords for Amazon. Don’t forget to incorporate keywords throughout the text for SEO-friendly product descriptions.


4) Watch Your Grammar

Informative or not, any product description that’s riddled with punctuation or spelling errors quickly erodes the buyer’s trust and distracts from your message. Always hire an editor or at least use a grammar and spell-check program before you hit ‘submit’ on your content platform. A grammatically correct description shows professionalism.

5) Use Images in Your Product Description Design

A picture adds visual interest and gives the clearest understanding of a product. It’s worth it to invest in professional photos that clearly show your product from several angles to give the buyer a better understanding of what to expect from their purchase. Images reinforce your e-commerce content writing and enhance the look of your page.

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