Everything You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Pages

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Pages


What are Amazon A+ pages?

The Amazon A+ Content program also called enhanced brand content gives sellers the opportunity to create extended versions of basic product descriptions. This program includes numerous options including the chance to build scannable text that details the features and benefits of a product. Using this program, sellers can supplement their text with images and comparison charts that can help customers make educated buying decisions.

Premium, HTML-based content typically drives more conversions on a product page. In fact, Amazon claims that A+ can boost sales by 3 to 10 percent simply by improving search engine optimization (SEO) results and educating consumers about your brand and products.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines and Eligibility

There are a few things to remember when considering creating Amazon A+ content

  • A+ pages are not indexed, so they will not offer any type of organic boost
  • Currently, A+ Content pages are not available through Amazon’s Mobile App or on mobile devices
  • Only products not sold by other vendors on Amazon.com can receive a free A+ Enhanced Marketing Content page
  • To create an A+ Enhanced Marketing Content page, vendors must submit all content within a month of confirming the purchase order for a product
  • Amazon reserves the right to remove A+ Enhanced Marketing Content pages for any reason, including, but not limited to, violating Amazon’s policies, closing a vendor account and failing to fulfill orders

How to Create an Amazon A+ Page?

First, a vendor has to submit an A+ Detail Page promotion request. To do this:

  1. Log into Vendor Central. Once there, and hover your mouse over the “Merchandising” menu then choose “A+ Detail Pages.”
  2. Once there, vendors have two choices including:


With this option, vendors have to do most of the work. This includes creating, uploading and arranging content such as text and images, building a layout and reviewing and setting up shopping cart options. There are four different levels – Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum and each one includes a flat fee. While some may be eligible for a free A+ page, there isn’t a way to determine eligibility until all content is submitted.

When using the self-service option, you are first taken to a page where you enter the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), a unique 10 digit number that is used to identify all items sold on Amazon. It’s a good idea to choose premium products that have plenty of features and benefits and a good brand story.

Once you have decided on a product and entered the ASIN, you’ll need to choose a layout style. There are 5 layout styles to choose from. After picking your layout style, you’ll be asked to upload your content and images and then preview your page. At this point, you’ll be able to make any changes. Once you are happy with your page design, select ‘add to cart’ to view pricing and purchase the A+ content. Once purchased, Amazon typically has the page published or returned if any revisions are needed within 14 days. A Self-Service page can cost anywhere from $0 to $400.

Note: You can mix module styles or use the same one as many times as you like. The fees for each page can vary depending on the time of year, and the total price will depend on the types of module chosen.

“Amazon Builds For You”

If you choose this option, you supply the ASIN, images and content and Amazon determines the design and layout of the page. With this option, the page is typically published within 14 days if no revisions are requsted. Amazon Builds For You also has Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, but usually costs about three times as much as the Self-Service option and can cost anywhere from $500-$1,500 per page.

How CrewMachine Helps Sellers Build Amazon A+ Pages

CrewMachine can be used to create A+ pages through various modules. This results in a better buyer experience and more conversions. Vendors can build custom A+ pages on the CrewMachine platform and simply copy the HTML to build future Amazon A+ pages.

7 Habits of Highly Effective E-commerce Sellers

7 Habits of Highly Effective E-commerce Sellers

Business & Entrepreneurship

To create an effective online presence, your eCommerce site needs to impress the customers. Making a good first impression is important as it helps ensure first-time readers keep on browsing for more. But, what makes them click? Will they make a repeat purchase?

According to one survey, it takes about just 50 milliseconds for buyers to decide whether to click through or leave the page. Highly effective eCommerce sellers like Myntra, Amazon and Flipkart have nailed down some productive and healthy habits that have helped to build their presence online. Take a cue and some practices from some of the biggest online stores to sell like a pro online:

7 Habits of Highly Effective eCommerce Sellers:

Mobile Shopping1. Catch that Mobile Crowd

Around 70-percent of online shoppers browse while on the go. So, it is important to design your online store so that it looks appealing on any mobile device. The online fashion destination ASOS comes with a friendly mobile-optimized version. When customers can buy products straight from the phone, it results in a boost in sales. When the design or the site is unresponsive, customers are likely to go to your competitor’s site. Users don’t have the patience to scroll endlessly, so successful eCommerce site owners go for a flawless design irrespective of the platform.

2. Good Pictures are Worth More Dollars

Highly efficient eCommerce sellers understand that to make a website appealing to the eye, an excellent design and detailed product photos are a must. Customers cannot touch, feel or smell the product. Providing high-quality images displayed on a beautiful screen will bring more traffic. Customers remember about 80-percent of what they see and barely 20-percent of what they read. So, make sure you use plenty of attractive images. Popular eCommerce shops like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Firstcry and Craftsvilla showcase each product from differeny angles or demonstrate how it is used.

3. Keep Things Simple

With everyday busy routines, visitors want to have a stress-free experience. They want to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. Complicated navigation with too many pages will only lead to viewers abandoning their search. Successful eCommerce site owners use tabs and filters for the products based on various attributes. Such sites simplify the checkout process, offer visible return policies and easily accessible customer service. Posting physical details make the consumers feel more confident that you are just a phone call away and willing to answer their questions.

Online Payment4. Make the Payment Method Easy

Make it easy for the customers to pay online. It has been found that many customers leave without making a purchase if they can’t find clear payment options or if they aren’t comfortable with the options available. Highly effective eCommerce sellers offer as many options as possible for payment, starting from PayPal, debit/credit card to cash on delivery. You may also set up an online merchant account that keeps customers on your page instead of linking them to the processor’s company page.

5. Keep the Customers Hooked

An efficient eCommerce marketing strategy is to keep the customers engaged. Popular websites like Firstcry, Myntra and others reach out their customers with newsletters, emails and messages full of last minutes deals and discounted coupons. Give your customers a heads up on the upcoming promotions and sales. You can save time by sending an automated thank you email with a special discount for the next purchase. Such practices not only improve sales but also increase the return rate of customers.

6. Obsess about Customer Feedback

Websites with best customer experience are successful. They understand that happy customers are a significant resource. Treat your clients in the best way possible. Sending follow-up emails on how to use the product is a smart eCommerce marketing strategy. Build a connection with your customers by addressing their concerns and also try to improve on those areas. Appreciate your existing customers by offering special discounts for future purchase. Be quick in resolving customer complaints to prevent any damage to your online reputation.

7. The Allure of Free Shipping

With Flipkart and Amazon offering same day delivery with free shipping, they can generate a sincere user base. Offering free shipping is like providing a bonus to your customers. These types of deals will set you apart from your competitors and keep your customers happy.

Simply having an online store is not enough, you have to market it well with a planned eCommerce marketing strategy. Popular online stores like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Homeshop18, Tradus, Yebhi, Craftsvilla and many others have happy customers. CrewMachine has a dedicated team of experts who will work on what is best for your store. We help you to develop tactics and focus on what you should do to succeed.

Which Programs on Amazon will Work Best for Your Business?

Which Programs on Amazon will Work Best for Your Business?


Amazon Programs that Work Best for Your Business

Amazon is a big, exciting place for online marketers as it makes selling easier for many merchants. With a platform that has around 175 million monthly visitors, there is room for every seller to make a profit. Amazon also offers a number of products and services to its sellers to help increase both traffic and sales. But in order to fully reap the benefits of selling on Amazon, it’s important to make use of their sales and promotional tools.

Here are some of the most effective programs you can use while selling on the Amazon marketplace to grow your business with ease.

Amazon Buy Box1. Win The Buy Box: Winning the buy box has become an invaluable asset for retailers and an important factor in driving sales. The buy box is the box that appears on the product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process and add items to their shopping cart. While Amazon doesn’t disclose the exact requirements, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning to win the buy box:

  • Lower your price: Find out what your competitors are selling the same product for. Then offer to sell and ship it at a lower price. If you have the lowest price including shipping then your product has a better chance of winning the buy box.
  • Availability: Never run out of stock. Keep your inventory up-to-date to ensure that customers don’t place orders for products that are no longer available.
  • Offer a variety of shipping options: Offer multiple shipping options and also include free shipping for your product.
  • Keep your customers happy: An unhappy customer is more likely to cancel an order, leave negative feedback or request a refund – all things that can affect your order defect rate (ODR). As an ODR of 1 percent makes you ineligible for the buy box, it’s vitally important that you keep your customer happy. Also, customers who are happy with their purchase are more likely to return and buy from you again.

2. Fulfillment by Amazon: This is a program where you send your merchandise to one of the Amazon fulfillment centers. They then pack and ship it for you. When you join FBA your visibility increases. Your FBA products are eligible for Prime shipping options like one-day delivery, free two-day delivery and in some areas, same day delivery. Also, as a seller, you only pay for services when you use them, something that makes this a very cost effective option.

3. Replenishment Alerts: If you use FBA it’s important to ensure your items are always available. But to save on costs, it’s also important to not have too many items on hand at one time. Replenishment alerts help you manage your inventory by setting specific alert quantities. Once an item’s quantity drops below the alert amount, Amazon sends you an email notification that you need to replenish your stock.

4. Vendor Powered Coupons: Amazon has a lot of built-in promotional tools available to sellers, and a popular option is vendor powered coupons (VPC). Customers love a deal so offering coupons is a great way to increase exposure and sales. VPCs can be created in Amazon’s vendor central for a low per click and per redemption fee.

5. Amazon Promotions and Advertising: Amazon makes it easy for you to get your products noticed. They periodically offer promotions and discounts to buyers like discounts for purchasing multiple items. Also, Amazon advertising allows you to deliver targeted ads to related product searches. Now, even 3rd-party merchants can create lightning deals.

6. Amazon Keywords Tool: While listing on Amazon you get a field to list keywords. These are words or phrases people type into the Amazon search box to find products. Amazon recommends that you use different keywords than those used in your titles. Instead, use keywords that are most commonly searched for by buyers.

Selling on Amazon does not have to be a daunting task even if you are a new seller. CrewMachine has all the tools and experts needed to take your online success to a new level.

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

Business & Entrepreneurship

An eCommerce business must have a good customer base and an influx of new customers to remain successful. Because of this, it is important to turn as many one-time shoppers into frequent buyers as possible. To do this, you must ensure you maintain a good relationship with every customer. Remember, a happy customer is more inclined to come back and make more purchases. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your clients coming back for more. Below we’ve listed some of the most effective.

1. Say “Thank You” – It Makes a Difference

The best and the simplest way to make your customer happy is to be courteous to them. A simple “thank you” does make a difference. A customer who is recognized and feels appreciated is likely to come back himself or refer you to his friends.

You can leave a more positive impression by going beyond just a “thanks.” A customer will feel more valued if you personalize it with a thank you card in the package, or if you send a coupon showing your gratitude for the business.

2. Prompt Response to Inquiries

Ways to Retain CustomersLet’s admit it; no one likes to wait. It is going to be a turn off it a customer has to wait days to have his questions answered. Chances are, he will just move on to some other store offering the same product along with a faster response time.

A prompt auto responder from the FAQ section that can answer general questions is a good idea; while you can personally handle more specific ones. Be it a big or a small business – consider employing customer-care representatives who know about your products and can promptly assist customers through calls, emails and messages from day one.

3. Know When to Apologize

Business is all about ups and downs. Keep your ego at bay and make a proactive move to apologize when the situation calls for it. It’s quite an art and takes a strong mind to be accountable for not only your mistakes but for employees, as well. In many cases, a simple apology will entice customers to give you another chance and stop them going to your competitors. That’s when you realize how important owning up to your mistakes and apologizing for them is. However, don’t expect to please everyone. There are some people out there who can never be satisfied, whatever you do. Just ensure you are genuine and sincere, and you’ll be able to turn many unhappy customers into happy ones.

4. Plan Personalized Services

Don’t wait for a query or a review from customers to initiate a communication with them. Plan for personalized service strategies, which can strengthen your relationships and build trust. A random service feedback call goes a long way in creating a good impression. It is important to let the customer know that you care about him. This builds a sense of loyalty from the customer’s end as well. And, you can always expect a loyal customer to come back to you over and over again.

How Crewmachine has Reduced the Content Cost of a Mid-size Retailer to Half

How Crewmachine has Reduced the Content Cost of a Mid-size Retailer to Half

Business & Entrepreneurship

With the popularity of eCommerce increasing, there has been a major growth in content marketing tools available to website owners and merchants. Many of these tools offer different services and are used for a variety of purposes. Some help to create content, some help to distribute it, while others measure its effectiveness. Producing content is important, but to make your brand visible and competitive, quality is essential. Content does not simply mean putting words on a page. It’s a way to communicate with visitors and turn them into potential buyers. People love communication, and it helps to develop brand trust and loyalty.

CrewMachine features a wide variety of tools, designed to help mid-sized retailers create high-quality content. These vendors typically have a tight budget and often focus on other ways to generate sales. They do not invest in quality content which can mean less traffic to their sites and lower sales. It’s important to attract customers with high-quality, original content that answers most of their queries about a product or service. Find out how CrewMachine and its content cost reduction strategies can be the one-stop-solution for mid-size retailers.

1) Effective Content Workflow Tool

CrewMachine has an organized workflow, sometimes pulling from in-house or outsourcing the work and sometimes using a combination of both. It includes auto checkout of the various assignments, a spellcheck feature on the tool itself and automatic payments. It will also soon feature a plagiarism checker to ensure that all content is unique. Also, reassignments and returns can be worked on smoothly on this platform. Such technology enables quality work in less time and at a lower cost.

2) Save Time and Money in Keyword Research

To boost your search engine ranking, proper keywords play a major role. CrewMachine makes this easier for you with system generated primary, secondary and tertiary keywords. Our SEO professionals ensure that the keywords we include are those that customers use when they are searching for an item. This means you get the keywords results faster and can quickly put those results to work.

3) Creating Intelligent Content

System Suggested Baseline DescriptionsManaging content over various platforms can be a challenge for many retailers. CrewMachine and its content cost reduction strategies can be the ultimate way to simplify this process. One of the features is system suggested baseline descriptions. They are rich in attributes as well as commonly searched keywords. They are also regularly updated according to the latest market trends, which lets you manage, plan and tweak them as needed.


4) Templates for Rich Product Descriptions

A product description is only good when it works. Product description templates make the content creation process simple and fast and help to maximize sales. The selection of formats makes it easy for you to use the product descriptions in the most efficient way to attract potential buyers. No need to pay designers (or other tools like Auctiva). CrewMachine helps you to design rich eBay templates and also Amazon A+ pages. It will not only help you save some money but will also save you time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

5) The Freelance Crowd

We have a team of talented and experienced professionals that are suitable for many marketing projects. For those retailers who don’t have a team of writers, CrewMachine connects you with a crew of professional writers, editors, designers and SEO enthusiasts. When you need help outside your team, outsourcing is possible for images, blogs, product descriptions and SEO researches etc. They know how to optimize the content, how to write for a target audience and are interested in learning what you need. This content cost reduction strategy will prove to be an asset for mid-size retailers. So, you do not have to spend money on full-time experts. Just outsource the work, and we will take care of the rest.

6) Direct Publishing of Content on Multiple Channels

Publishing of Content on Multiple ChannelsCrewMachine produces content which is flexible enough to be published on different mobile and digital platforms. Our database can be used to update information on various platforms automatically. It also has the flexibility to add different fields unique to each platform. Not only does this reduce costs, but it also saves time. It is also very effective as it removes the risk of content not being updated.

Whether you are writing a blog or creating product page, the process can be complicated and tedious, especially when you are working with numerous writers. CrewMachine addresses these issues with a systematic workflow. It is designed to support the content development process from start to finish with the latest content marketing strategies and a team of experts. With better content management tools, comes better content.

Share 16 –  It’s a Wrap!

Share 16 – It’s a Wrap!

Business & Entrepreneurship

The Floor Chemistry at BrightEdge Share16

Share conferences from BrightEdge have always been quite fruitful for us. Lots of interesting discussions around SEO, content, and e-Commerce. We meet quite a few enterprises using BrightEdge for their SEO needs and are usually looking for implementation partners to facilitate and manage some of this integration.

That’s where eZdia would find value in its solutions. Several e-commerce enterprises have signed up with eZdia post Share conferences. For those of you who don’t know what eZdia does – we are a specialized content solutions company for e-commerce content creation, moderation, and amplification. We work with large e-Commerce brands such as Staples, Amazon, Walmart and others to get large scale content initiatives under control successfully.

But this time around at Share, our focus was slightly different. eZdia recently spun out its content creation platform called CrewMachine. CrewMachine as the name suggests is a content creation platform that blends in the workforce (a.k.a. the crew) and the intelligence (a.k.a. the machine) that helps enterprises identify content gaps, enrich content elements, and track their performance.

Why CrewMachine at All?

Crewmachine Content Creation Platforme-Commerce content is all about scale. And it is very difficult to preserve quality with scale. At eZdia, we saw this as a recurring phenomenon with most e-Commerce we worked with. There was an inability to optimize content performance across several thousands and millions of product descriptions, buying guides, category pages and blogs. And this would result in lost market share and decreased conversion.

What if there was a system which could help to identify these content snafus easily and provide recommendations to improve conversion? Would you not use such a system? Especially if it tied in with your CMS or e-Commerce platform like Magento or Volusion? And what if we told you that we have a crew of more than 40k members who you could tap into from the platform. These folks could help to take your content to the last mile with the necessary embellishments.

So, this is how CrewMachine found its purpose. To identify gaps, create and enrich content, and offer the needed data and analytics support to loop in the content performance feedback back into new content.

CrewMachine Talk

Share16 Digital Marketing ConferenceNeedless then to say, that CrewMachine attracted a lot of folks (especially in the e-Commerce) to the booth. Of course, there were a lot of questions around how the algorithms came together to create content magically.

There was also a lot of demand for the free content audit that we offered as the first step to understand their current state of content. There was a lot of interest in the demos and in seeing the whole lifecycle of content in action. Most of the interest came from large e-Commerce but we also saw smaller enterprises flocking to see a demo and trying to understand the AI component.

This conference became a big proof point to ascertain that we’re heading in the right direction with our vision. A vision to create the most futuristic platform that would solve the content problems for e-Commerce intelligently. We saw a resonance from both large e-Commerce brands and agencies in equal measure.


We have big announcement plans around CrewMachine as it matures to become a strong product to play in the market alongside several others. Stay tuned to hear more from us. Meanwhile I will leave you with a few video snippets of the various features that are at work.

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