Step-up Your E-commerce Game with ‘Smart’ Content, ‘Smart’ Machines and ‘Smart’ Workforce

Step-up Your E-commerce Game with ‘Smart’ Content, ‘Smart’ Machines and ‘Smart’ Workforce

Content Automation

Recapping the eZdia Journey

As I write this blog, I am traveling down the memory lane to when we started eZdia a few years ago. The two of us with a few friends, and with a dream to disrupt the traditional e-commerce content way with the ‘eZdia way’. We built this platform (pretty quickly) that enabled more than 35,000 folks in the crowd to use the power of scale to create and manage content. No matter what type of e-commerce or what type of content, we had created all the sophistication in our platform to handle this. We ramped up pretty quickly and got validation from various communities. Soon, top e-commerce brands across the world started working with us. We had finally built a strong model using the sharing economies and rock solid platform.

Thinking Customer, Technology, and Innovation – Thinking CrewMachine

We’re product guys. We’re plugged-in and we’re constantly thinking of new ways of doing things to make the customer’s life a little bit easier. With such a large user base validating our platform to churn large scale content, we wanted to bring the platform to center stage. Our mission was to give businesses the power to create and manage their own content in easy ways!

We talked with our customers every day and we were hearing stories about abandoned carts due to poor product descriptions, lost brand trust due to inaccurate information, and returned products due to poor quality.  We knew that we could solve this problem, bringing our Content & SEO, technology and product heads together. So we decided to bring the ‘Crew’ and the ‘Machine’ together to create more sophistication in creating and managing this content. The technologists in the team started leveraging the principles of Artificial Intelligence and we started putting our SEO head together.

What if we created a mechanism to identify all the content gaps within e-commerce content and provide suggestive intelligence around it to fix/enrich, and then use the ‘human’ force or intelligence to take it to the last mile? This led to the genesis of CrewMachine to manage e-commerce content by using the power of artificial and human intelligence!


The Future

Our platform is already validated – not only by our existing customers but also by prospects. They flock our booths when we talk ‘smart content’ powered by CrewMachine. And, our product and technology guys are relentlessly listening to customers and building a stronger platform every day. I’ll leave you with a cool video that will show you how some of the largest e-commerce are building their product catalogs using CrewMachine’s AI. It’s all happening here at CrewMachine!

And, please don’t forget, we’ll be at Share16 in San Francisco from October 24th – October 26, showcasing how CrewMachine will work for your business. Are you going to Share16? Email us if you want to set up a meeting.

If Content is King, Automation will Rule

If Content is King, Automation will Rule

Business & Entrepreneurship

We’ve reached a threshold in the world of writing and the bravest companies are stepping into a future of automated content creation. New algorithms and understanding about machine learning have changed the nature of automated content generation and although your computer is still unlikely to produce the next Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, the world of simpler prose like e-commerce product descriptions is changing profoundly.

E-Commerce Product Descriptions: The Need for Content

The need for product descriptions grows in tandem with the e-commerce industry. The number of new product descriptions listed every day in this massive industry is due to:

 Ecommerce Content Requirement

  • The exponential growth of e-commerce
  • The increasing number of unique products available
  • The different variations of each product (such as sizes or colors)
  • The requirement for different brand voices in each merchant space

Amid the need for more e-commerce product descriptions is the requirement for smart, conversion-oriented copy. While automated content generation can’t yet entirely replace human-written copy, the combination of automated content creation, human editing and machine learning offers a powerful advantage to e-tailers.

Manual Writing and Algorithmic Writing

E-commerce companies try to balance the need to reduce content creation costs while maintaining a high-quality standard for conversion-oriented product descriptions. Crowd-sourcing is a common solution, but frequently leads to lower quality writing as research and editing fall to the wayside in favor of a speedier content cycle.

Algorithms based on analytics are taking over the industry to help cope with the relentless content development cycle. While automated content creation isn’t perfect, it drastically reduces production cycle time and improves over time with machine learning and algorithmic adjustments. Because the algorithm improves with use and stays on top of consumer behavior trends, it starts with a solid, error-free baseline when writing product descriptions and continually improves. Users can set specific style rules, such as the use of the serial comma, rules about active and passive voice and brand-specific language.

Automated content creation:

  • Is data-driven
  • Provides factually correct product descriptions
  • Prevents human error
  • Adjust to each business’ needs

The CrewMachine Platform

Crewmachine Content Creation Platform

CrewMachine creates system-suggested baseline product descriptions rich in attribute data and search keywords

Product descriptions are the backbone of the e-commerce industry. They communicate with customers and deliver conversions. Producing unique and compelling product descriptions is a challenge for writers who may not be knowledgeable in every area and using manufacturer-provided product descriptions lowers SEO value.

A well-integrated automated content creation platform like CrewMachine creates system-suggested baseline product descriptions rich in attribute data and search keywords. These descriptions follow the best practices of leading marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and are up-to-date and appropriately formatted. Each seller retains the power to set tone and style rules to reflect the brand voice and bring a unique touch to the copy.

Filter Your Content: CrewMachine’s Negative Filters

Filter Your Content: CrewMachine’s Negative Filters

Content Automation

With the amount of content necessary for building an adequate content marketing campaign or SEO outreach, how do you maintain your brand integrity? This was one of the problems we set out to solve in building CrewMachine, and our negative filters are one part of that solution. Our negative filters enable content managers to automatically block any language they deem harmful to their brand.

How Do They Work?

Basically, any content that contains a blocked word or phrase cannot be submitted to the next level of the workflow. Upon clicking “Submit,” the user will see a pop-up window alerting them to the presence of the banned text, and they will be unable to take any action until they remove it.

negative filters

You can add further instructions to the pop-up window to explain why the specific word or phrase is banned and what action should be taken by the user.

What Are They For?

For whatever you want! You can unilaterally ban any number of words and phrases from all the copy your workforce produces.

This way, you can avoid language that damages your brand or alienates your target audience. If your target audience is teens and young adults, for example, you probably want to avoid words like “vintage,” “classic,” and “old-school” in your product copy (and it wouldn’t hurt to avoid “groovy” and “swell” either). Block those words with the negative filters, and you won’t see them in any of the copy you produce.

You can also partially enforce your brand’s unique style guidelines automatically. As an example, AP style is to write “Wi-Fi,” not “wifi,” “wi-fi,” or “WIFI.” However, this stipulation is not enforced by most spellcheck programs. If your brand uses AP style and you want to make sure this spelling is used in the copy, you’re able to add all the incorrect spellings of “Wi-Fi” to the list of banned words, and add instructions to correct it to “Wi-Fi” if the incorrect spelling is used.

In addition, CrewMachine’s negative filters are already set up to block any inappropriate or explicit language, though you can always add to the list!

How Does This Benefit Me?

Put simply, negative filters enable you to define and shape your brand as broadly or as narrowly as you want — and the parameters you set up will be enforced by the software itself.

CrewMachine’s negative filters feature is just one of many that set it apart from the other content marketing platforms out there. Contact us or request a demo to see the negative filters in action!

CrewMachine’s Custom Workflows

CrewMachine’s Custom Workflows

Content Automation

When it comes to content creation and content marketing, flexibility is key. That’s why we built CrewMachine to accommodate all kinds of projects and all kinds of processes.

CrewMachine's workflows

Unique Workflow

Naturally, different projects have different development requirements. A short blog post may need to pass through more stages of approval than a product description. An in-depth article, in turn, will require more research than a short blog post.

CrewMachine enables you to set up these workflows — and any other workflows of any complexity — quickly and easily. Decide in what order you want your content to be researched, written, edited, reviewed and optimized for search. Set up and establish that order with a few clicks. Simplify or lengthen the content creation process as you see fit by adding roles to the workflow whenever you want.

Additionally, CrewMachine enables you to be flexible in your approach. You can set workflows at the level of each individual assignment, or update the workflow in bulk for projects as a whole.

Due Dates

CrewMachine does more than merely enabling customized workflows. To keep your projects on schedule and on track, we’ve made it easy to set up due dates for each stage of the workflow.

Plan your projects in advance with due dates for each section of your workforce, whether you’re working with an internal team or external vendors. This way, you’re never behind, and you’re prepared to produce a steady stream of content — a necessity for effective content marketing. You can also be sure projects progress smoothly and on time through each stage of the process.

Workflow management is just one of the many ways CrewMachine is changing and streamlining the content creation process. To learn more, contact us, request a demo or take a look at our blog.

A Content Creation Platform That Works! Really.

A Content Creation Platform That Works! Really.

Content Automation

We’ve all heard the platitudes — content is king, content is essential for engaging your customers and prospects, consumers want high-quality content instead of ads, and so on. But if you’re involved with content creation, you know that without the right people on your team and the right software supporting you, your content marketing efforts will fall flat.

That’s why having a powerful, efficient content platform on your side is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. There are a lot of impressive platforms on the market, but you need to be sure the one you use has the scope and features you’ll need. Let’s take a look at just what those essential features are.

Workflow ManagementWorkflow-Management

There are several steps in the content lifecycle, and a truly effective content creation platform will give you control over what those steps are and how many there are. Several platforms, including those offered by NewsCred, Skyword, CrewMachine and Contently, give you some degree of control over and insight into the workflow of your content projects.

CrewMachine, however, goes further than that. In addition to managing the workflow, CrewMachine enables you to set up custom workflows that are implemented by the software itself. Pieces of content can pass through the process you decide upon — whether you want each week’s blog post to go from writing to editing to publishing or from SEO research to writing to editing to further stages of review before it goes live. Not only that, but CrewMachine gives you visibility into each stage of the workflow on both a per-item basis and a project basis. Customize the workflow, and then track each content campaign holistically.

Each content project is different, and that’s why you need to be able to fully customize and manage each project’s workflow.

Workforce Management

Workforce-ManagementWhether you’re working with one writer, a team of researchers, external content vendors or a full complement of writers, editors and project managers, you need to be able to communicate with and synchronize your team quickly and easily. Though platforms such as Contently, NewsCred and Percolate offer a certain degree of workforce management, platforms that make communication simple while also giving you visibility into how your workforce is actually performing are rare.

From sending emails directly from the platform, to automated email alerts, to assessing and organizing your team via tags and ratings, to making direct assignments, CrewMachine is a content manager’s dream.

Brand Guidelines and Enforcement

Brand-Guideline-ManagementThis is a big one. Marketers know that maintaining their brand’s voice across everything they publish is essential. You also need to make sure nothing you put out on the Internet will harm your brand.

Though platforms such as Skyword, Percolate and CrewMachine enable you to develop creative briefs that guide your team or an external team, few platforms make it easy to enforce your brand guidelines in a practical way across every content project. CrewMachine, however, enables you to do that.

CrewMachine’s negative filters feature enables you to set up alerts for content producers when certain phrases or words are used. You can also unilaterally ban any words or phrases you want. The software itself does the work of protecting your brand for you.

Content Modules

Specialized-Content-ModulesYou wouldn’t write an infographic using the same process and format you’d use to write a white paper. Nor would you conduct a social media campaign the same way you’d moderate webpages. And yet most content creation platforms aren’t designed to accommodate this simple fact — with the exception of CrewMachine.

CrewMachine’s easy-to-use content modules feature enables you to set up different kinds of content projects with a few clicks. Decide whether you’re developing blog posts, landing pages or any other kind of content, select that module, and the content will be formatted and the interface customized according to that module’s requirements. This eliminates the need for complex formatting requirements for your workforce, and makes it simple to set up the correct workflow and interface for each project.


Only CrewMachine combines content modules, custom workflows, detailed workforce management and effective brand enforcement in one powerful platform to make efficient, closely managed, scaled-up content marketing campaigns possible. If you want to learn more about CrewMachine or request a demo, get in touch with us today!


CrewMachine is All Set to Disrupt the Enterprise Content Creation and Enrichment Market as a Simple Platform to Manage Complex Content

CrewMachine is All Set to Disrupt the Enterprise Content Creation and Enrichment Market as a Simple Platform to Manage Complex Content

Content Automation

eZdia, a leading content solutions provider for e-Commerce announced the launch of their cloud-based enterprise content creation platform – The CrewMachine. CrewMachine helps brands and agencies to create, enrich, analyze, and publish any type of marketing or e-Commerce content very easily.

Unlike other project, content marketing or content management tools, CrewMachine enables to handle all specialized content within the realms of regulated brand guidelines,helps to create effective workflows, and on-boards and manages all internal and external workforce seamlessly.

“The genesis and evolution of CrewMachine has been driven from the demand side and the need we’ve seen from our customers for a simple tool to manage complex content, says Deepak Goyal, the visionary CTO and Co-founder of CrewMachine. “This tool is especially useful for large e-Commerce brands and digital agencies who are constantly juggling with large volumes of different types of content,” he adds.

“We’ve got some big plans for CrewMachine in the next few years. We’re constantly adding new features, listening to the pulse of our customers, and making the infrastructure robust to scale faster, says Rahul Shah, Chief Product Officer of CrewMachine.

“The enterprise content market is crowded. There are a million tools to manage different aspects of content. But the market still needs that one tool to manage and monitor the lifecycle of specialized content (especially in e-Commerce) in one interface efficiently”, says Alok Jain, CMO and Co-founder of CrewMachine. “CrewMachine has been addressing this concern for several brands now and we think that this is just the beginning”, he added.

“The CrewMachine platform helped to create and manage different types of e-Commerce content and scale our large initiatives quickly without compromising on quality. The style guidelines established the much needed structure for such an initiative and brought out the best for Myntra’s Topline”, says Kaushal Thakkar, Sr. Product Manager at Myntra ( a large marketplace in India).

 Stay tuned to hear more from us on where we are taking CrewMachine. If you would like to read more about the platform, visit To see a demo, please reach out to us at

About CrewMachine

CrewMachine is a platform specifically designed for agencies and brands to manage large-scale content needs in a streamlined way. CrewMachine is completely customizable to your business needs and integrates seamlessly with all e-Commerce, content, and SEO platforms. We support all leading e-Commerce platforms and content management systems.

Media Contact: Padmini Murthy, eZdia, Inc, 4082194806,

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